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Digging Deeper into Digg - My McMaster MRP

Last week I finished my thesis/major research project (MRP), and have been officially cleared to graduate with a Master's Degree in Communication & New Media!

The project involved a one year study of, and instead of a traditional paper, I mixed things up and did a 'mixed media' paper, kind of like a mini website.

A lot of work went into the project, including around 150 hours creating the enormous database to sort the information I compiled every month for 12 months. In the end, I had some really strong results, finding that Digg's homepage material primarily comes only a small handful of users.

Check it out here!


Foo Fighters Banner (in progress!)


Blue Man Group in Toronto

Blue Man Group with our signed drum headLast week I caught the Blue Man Group for the very first time (July 30th) with Jen in Toronto, at the Princess of Wales Theatre. Having known of the Blue Man Group since the mid 90s as a kid, I had always wanted to see them - the opportunity however never arose.

So when I was surprised with tickets a few weeks back, I was nonetheless surprised myself! I mentioned I knew of the Blue Man Group - I'm sure most people do, actually. As far as what I actually knew about them - not much. I knew they did amazing percussion related things with drums and PVC piping (resulting in some fun times during my Home Depot days), but besides that, I had no idea what to expect.

When we made our way into our seats and saw the first 3 rows of spectators wrapping themselves in clear plastic ponchos, I began to realize what we were in for: a messy, yet exciting show full of good beats, good laughs, and good times.

I don't want to spoil much of the show, but I will say that it's the most entertained I've possibly ever been. A mix of comedy, musical performances and magic, the Blue Man Group put on a show I would definitely see again. The atmosphere itself was also great - the Princess of Wales Theatre sits only around 2000 people, so when things during the show got really interesting, you could hear a pin drop in the audience, unlike shows with 10,000+ people. The small crowd size also made it possible for the Blue Men to actually get off stage and make their way around the audience, which was exciting and slightly nervewracking at the same time (as I'm sure anyone would be at the thought of being pulled up on stage for one of their skits).

If you're looking for a show like you've never seen before, then this is it. From start to end, I was thoroughly entertained, and the fact that you get to meet the Blue Men after the show (see pic -- they don't speak and just give you weird looks) was the cherry on the cake.

Below is a YouTube clip from a show in Toronto a few years back - they did this same routine during our show, and it was a lot of fun... Actually, it was beyond that - it was crazy! I've also included another clip of what they do with PVC piping... Available at any local Home Depot! ;)


The End is Near

Part of my thesis project is sortable database of the top 2700 news stories from from June 2010 - May 2010... It's taken 2 weeks and I am so thrilled to be done with this part!